5 Tips to make second shooter want to work for you

I’ve been on both sides, hiring secondary shooters and hiring secondary shooters. There’s a bit of push-and-pull, but I feel there’s a lot of things both sides can do to make each other’s experience great. I’ve seen a lot of articles on how to be a great second shooter, but speaking from second shooting there’s a lot the primary shooter can do as well. 0. PROVIDE CARDS / PORTFOLIO USE I can’t stress this enough. If the second shooter is working for you and needs to transfer the data over later, it can become a huge hassle transferring or asking the second shooter to transfer themselves later. Have the cards immediately prepped and give it to them so they can get started immediately. One example is drone shots where you fly over the venue early before the reception starts, but the photo/video setup is still going on. Invest in a card holder and multiple microSD/SD/CF cards of high quality for modern cameras and don’t skimp on capacity or transfer rate. I can tell you a few drone shots, video coverage, etc can all stack up to 5+ gigs fast with the how large the files are these days. Regarding the latter, I feel it’s fair to let the second shooter pick a few shots for their portfolio a few months […]

Introducing Drones!

We are proud to announce we offer drone photography and videography services! We traveled all across California with a DJI Phantom 4 Pro, armed with an FAA License, in glorious 4K 60 FPS to bring you beautiful aerial shots of this beautiful place. Please enjoy! Share the love!

Sean + Lindsey

We had the honor of covering Sean and Lindsey’s chinese wedding banquet at Koi Palace in Daly City, CA. Please enjoy the best of below! Share the love!

Elizabeth + Ryan

We had the honor of working with Elizabeth and Ryan. Coming together from their shared love of nerd interests, we chose to do a traditional engagement shoot at the Oakland Zoo (also their reception site) and a Star-Trek Themed shoot at Ocean Beach in San Francisco! The wedding was at the Oakland Zoo, where we had a fun shoot with the full wedding party inside the zoo before the ceremony. There were some beautiful views in the Snow Building overlooking the beautiful outlook of the East Bay. There were many simple yet beautiful elements to this wedding, so please enjoy the gallery below! Share the love!

Maternity and Family 2016

We recently started doing maternity and family shoots. We hope you enjoy our galleries from the last year! Share the love!

Jeff + Dorothy Wedding

I had the honor of capturing Jeff + Dorothy. They celebrated the day with their church and closest friends. They are awesome people with their generosity and warmness. Please enjoy their photos. Share the love!

Ryan + Tatiana Engagement & Wedding

I had the honor of capturing a modern Wiccan wedding and engagement. Ryan and Tatiana are two great honest people with great hearts – they are natural and incredibly photogenic with their warmness. Please enjoy their photos. Share the love!

Ma Fei & Fan Zhang Wedding + Engagement

I was honored to capture the wedding of Mr. Ma Fei and Mrs. Fan Zhang. They wanted a simple wedding, within a beautiful church. The candles in the wedding represented a symbol of their Christian love for each other. I wish this amazing couple much happiness and prosperity. Please, enjoy the gallery below; it captures a celebration of love. Mr. Fei and Ms. Zhang wanted a shoot with the best of SF in mind. San Francisco is a beautifully place so I naturally obliged and picked iconic spots. I asked them to bring things special to them in their relationship for extra meaningful pictures. Palace Fine Arts. Baker beach. can’t forget the classic downtown at night for a final finish! Share the love!

Miss Vietnam Shoot

I was asked to guest shoot with Jodie Truong and Moses Sison for their Miss Vietnam magazine. we collaborated to make an awesome shoot! Enjoy! Photographer: Winter Wish Photography Models: Kim Huynh, Kimmy Huynh, Theresa Ngo, Janet Pham Share the love!